Social Media Account Access for a FOID Card?!

Illinois  Democrats and Governor Pritzker have declared open season on gun owners and the Second Amendment. And last year’s AR-15 ban was just the beginning.

Next on their list: an ‘investigation’ into your social media history as a condition of applying for a FOID card. And if the Radical Leftist doing this ‘investigating’ doesn’t like what you post on social media, your application will be denied!

This is absolutely unconstitutional, and it flies in the face of the Bruen decision.

But it’s law today in New York State, and Prizker wants to pass it here in Illinois, too!

And if gun owners don’t make a lot of noise, right now, they might pass this in 2024!

Please sign your OFFICIAL PETITION against this unconstitutional attack on our gun rights, so your Senator and Representative knows that you are 100% opposed to this.  

And when you’re done, please make a donation of $100, $50, $25 or just $17.76 so that ILFA can mobilize as many gun owners as possible to help us crush this legislation!