Gun Owner Survey: Where Do You Stand On These Critical 2A Issues Facing Illinois Gun Owners?

1. Do you agree with JB Pritzker’s goal of passing mental health gun control legislation that would require us to pass a psychiatric exam in order to buy a firearm?
2. Do you agree with JB Pritzker's goal of mandating civil liability insurance requirements on gun owners, forcing us to carry this insurance as a condition of buying a firearm?
3. Do you agree with Pritzker's goal of limiting the amount of ammunition we can buy to two times the capacity of the firearm the ammunition is for?
4. Do you agree with Pritzker's goal to limit the number of firearms that law-abiding Illinois residents are allowed to buy per month?
5. Should the IL legislature repeal the state’s ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law, which allows liberal judges to order the confiscation of firearms from anyone they want, before the gun owner in question has been charged with a crime?
6. Should the IL legislature repeal the nasty ‘high cap mag ban’ which limits law-abiding Illinois residents to carrying just ten rounds in their rifle magazines and fifteen in pistol magazines, leaving them vulnerable to well-armed criminals?
7. Should the Illinois Firearms Association continue to fight against Gov. Pritzker in Federal Court even though it takes time to get big wins, in light of the fact that the current United States Supreme Court is the most pro-gun court in modern history?
8. Will you support the Illinois Firearms Association in our mission to fight for gun rights in Springfield, in Federal Court, and at the ballot box WITHOUT compromising, without backing down and without negotiating away our freedoms?
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