Surrender Your Social Media Passwords If You Want to Buy a Gun!

Surrender Your Social Media Passwords If You Want to Buy a Gun!

Friday, February 16th, 2024

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It’s obvious that J.B. Pritzker is following the roadmap from hell (New York State) as he pursues his gun control agenda here in Springfield.

New York banned AR-15s several years ago; Pritzker did the same thing last year.

New York banned carrying in public places; Pritzker is trying to do the same thing right now.

New York made disclosure of social media accounts a part of the process to apply for a pistol permit (their version of a FOID Card) and Pritzker’s allies want to do the same thing here! 

And this may happen fast.


Rep. Daniel Didech, one of Governor Pritzker’s water boys here in Springfield, has filed this bill before and he may be the one who files it this year.

If passed into law, Didech’s bill would likely:

  • Require you to disclose all social media accounts to the state when applying for a FOID card. Forgetting one would be a felony crime.
  • Allow the state police to use your social media posts (going back for years) as a reason to deny your FOID card application.

The obvious question is: what sort of content would get your FOID application denied? No one knows! That’s the whole point!

If you post trash about Joe Biden, will you be denied?

If you post pictures mocking JB Pritzker, will you be denied?

If you post picture of you shooting guns, will you be denied?

As you can see, this legislative concept is WIDE OPEN for abuse and could lead to countless gun owners being disarmed.


Please sign your petition against this attack on our gun rights right away, so everyone in Springfield knows where you stand!

After you sign your petition, you’ll have the option to donate and I hope you’ll be generous so the Illinois Firearms Association can alert as many gun owners as possible!

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J.B. Pritzker is a total tyrant. And he’s not going to stop attacking our gun rights. Help us shut this attack down and mobilize an army of gun owners to defend freedom in Springfield!

For Illinois,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

Illinois Firearms Association

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