🚨🚨 Red Alert: HB-3239 Would End Gun Sales in Illinois!

🚨🚨 Red Alert: HB-3239 Would End Gun Sales in Illinois!

Sunday, April 28th, 2024

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The most outrageous bill that has ever been filed in Springfield is making its way through the House committee process very quickly — and gun owners need to take immediate action!

No, sadly, this is no drill.

Representative Maura Hirschauer (perhaps the worst gun-grabber in the entire legislature) is pushing HB-3239 and the bill has already been through two House committees.

We are getting down to the wire in Springfield, with just under a month left in the 2024 legislative session.

Things are moving fast. So after you read this update, please immediately sign the petition that we’ve prepared for you!

More on that in a moment. First, I want to make sure you have the full picture on the three camps here in Springfield today.

First we have the J.B. Pritzker Radical Leftists. This caucus is growing. These people are full of pure hate for gun owners and the Second Amendment. They are willing to pass anything, regardless of what the Constitution or SCOTUS says.

They know we’ll sue. And they know we have a good chance of winning. But they know it will take years. And they don’t care.

Then there is the Republican caucus. Of course, there are plenty of moderates in this chamber who we must watch. But in an election year, most will vote the right way out of self-interest.

And that brings us to the rest of the Democratic conference. Most will always vote for gun control. But this is an election year. And a growing number of them are concerned that voting for the bill below may cost them their job!

That means that we may be able to crush this legislation if gun owners across the state get loud right now!


And we need to crush this, otherwise, gun owners in any ‘blueish’ city in the state will be unable to buy a firearm. It’s not hyperbole, it’s reality. Because if passed, HB-3239 would:

  • Create an entirely new permit requirement (in addition to the FOID Card) that you need to obtain in order to buy any handgun, rifle, or shotgun!
  • The permit would be issued from your local police department, and if you qualify for it, you would need to hurry because the permit is only valid for ten days!
  • Before you can even apply for this permit, you would need to prove that you’ve received 8 hours of live fire training. To be clear, this applies to this permit or a FOID Card renewal.

I wish that was where the bad news ended. Unfortunately, HB-3239 gets much worse.

You see, this new permit is ‘may issue’ and it allows the police department to deny it for any reason they want to, if they think that doing so is ‘in the best interest of public safety.

While gun owners in rural/red Illinois might be issued a permit, we all know that the rest of us would never be approved.

And for those few gun owners whose local law enforcement would issue the permit, there is another problem. The State Police is the only entity that can certify the instructors who would even be allowed to conduct the training classes.

We all know what that means, waiting for years for a class.

HB-3239 would quite literally make it impossible for law abiding gun owners in Illinois to buy a firearm OF ANY KIND! And any purchase without this permit is an automatic Class 1 felony!

This is insanity!


Think about this. Illinoisians go through one background check to get a FOID Card. Another background check at the point of sale. And HB-3239 would mandate a THIRD background check!

This is blatantly unconstitutional.

And it won’t stop a single criminal, we all know that. But the truth is that this bill was never intended to stop criminals.

The only people who Rep. Hirschauer and Gov. Pritzker want to control with this legislation are law abiding gun owners like you and me! They want to completely disarm every one of us!

Could we fight this bill in court should it be signed into law? Maybe. But that would take years…

…if the court agreed to hear the case in the first place.

That’s why the Illinois Firearms Association is mounting a massive grassroots program to flood the legislature with calls, emails, and signed petitions opposing this legislation!


Remember, it’s an election year, and some of the moderate Democrats are very worried about their own political survival.

Part of our mobilization program includes:

  1. Targeted digital ads; which allow us to reach hundreds of thousands of gun owners across the state, giving them the facts about HB-3239. These ads are very cost efficient, too, as they are easily re-shared by gun owners.
  2. A powerful texting program; text-based alerts are one of the most effective tools at our disposal because they appear right on gun owners’ phones and have an almost 100% viewing rate. And they are very cost effective, too.
  3. The biggest direct mail and email program possiblenothing penetrates Big Tech’s censorship more thoroughly these days than direct mail and email communication. In fact, mail and email programs are more important than ever for gun owners as they cannot be ‘deplatformed!’

As you can see, this program is going to be brutally effective if we can implement it. It’s designed to send a simple message to politicians in vulnerable districts: if you vote for this bill, you can kiss your political careers goodbye! 

But I can’t run this program without your help.

So please immediately sign your petition.

After you do, I hope that you’ll also make a donation to help the Illinois Firearms Association fully implement the program I laid out above.

In fact, given the extreme ramifications of this bill, I hope that you’ll make a donation of $75 of $100, immediately

I don’t know about you, but the idea of letting J.B. Pritzker violate the Constitution and SCOTUS precedent and disarm gun owners one at a time is not an option for me.

We must fight back with everything we have!

Some people say that Illinois is not worth fighting for anymore. But I don’t believe that, not for a second!

I meet wonderful people every single day, patriots, who care deeply about our flag, our nation, and this great state!

We cannot give up. We will not give up.

But our freedom is under attack. And it’s up to you and me to make sure that our children and grandchildren will inherit the same freedoms that our forefathers passed down to us.

So if $100 is simply not possible right now, I hope you’ll stand with us and make an immediate donation of $75, $50, $25 or at least $17.76 today.

Thank you, in advance, for standing with us!

For Illinois,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

Illinois Firearms Association

P.S. Governor Pritzker and Rep. Hirschauer are trying to ram HB-3239 into law, legislation that creates a new permit to buy firearms…a permit that could be denied for any reason!

And before you could even apply for this permit, you’d need to take 8 hours of training, and the State Police are the only ones who can certify the trainers.

This legislation is blatantly unconstitutional and allows Pritzker to systematically disarm his political opponents! But some in Springfield are scared that voting for this could cost them their re-elections.

Help us hammer the legislature with grassroots pressure! Sign your petition against HB-3239 today!


After you do, please make a donation of $100, $75, $50 or $25 so we can fight!

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