Video: ATF Director Dettelbach Grilled in Congress!

Video: ATF Director Dettelbach Grilled in Congress!

Saturday, May 25th, 2024

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While Joe Biden’s entire Presidency is a threat to gun owners and the Second Amendment, there is no agency more focused on attacking gun owners than the ATF.

Just two months ago, the ATF raided the home of an Arkansas airport executive (after killing power to the home and possibly jamming cell signals) over a paperwork violation.

Hearing noise in his home, Bryan Malinowski went to investigate.

And when he saw armed men in his home, Malinowski did what anyone would do, he shot at them to defend his family.

The ATF SWAT team returned fire, shooting Malinowski in the head, killing him.

That’s why the House Judiciary Committee was grilling ATF Director Steven Dettelbach yesterday. Our national affiliate, the American Firearms Association, had staff on hand for the hearing.

You’re going to want to read this report — and watch the videos we’ve included — below.

— Aaron

Dear Gun Owner,

Like you, I’m sick and tired of the never-ending stream of committee hearings, speeches, and empty promises coming out of Congress (especially from Republicans) when it comes to our Second Amendment rights.

No accountability – NOTHING EVER HAPPENS!

With the weakness of Republican leadership in Congress and Democrats controlling both the Senate and the White House, much of our fight currently is in federal court rooms and state capitol buildings.

But with the ATF’s new tyrannical rule criminalizing virtually all private sales going into effect on Monday of this week, yesterday the House Judiciary Committee drug ATF Director Steve Dettelbach in front of their committee on Capitol Hill.

AFA’s Executive Vice President Patrick Parsons was there, working with key Judiciary Republicans in the days leading up to the hearing, helping prepare their questions and lines of inquiry for Dettelbach.

You can watch many of those clips below from yesterday’s hearing.

With less than six months to go before the November election, and Joe Biden appearing to be on the ropes (if you’re to believe the polls), it’s becoming even more clear in our minds what Republicans must do to dismantle Biden’s four year reign of terror on our gun rights.

First, should Donald Trump win the White House, his first order of business when it comes to the ATF is to fire Steve Dettelbach. Over the weekend, Trump said on video (watch here) that he will fire Dettelbach at noon on inauguration day.

Second, Trump must immediately repeal all of Biden’s gun control executive orders implemented over the last four years, as well as cease all funding and eliminate Biden’s new Office of Gun Control at the White House. No exceptions.

I can understand how some of you may be skeptical that Trump would be a 2A champion as President, considering his spotty history at times, but he’s now on video record expressing his dissatisfaction with Dettelbach. Failure to execute these plans would considered a failure in our book.

Third, immediate hearings, and a vote soon there after, in the House on Abolishing the ATF. AFA staff, working alongside Congressman Matt Gaetz and others, has changed the game when it comes to this topic on Capitol Hill.

By introducing H.R. 374 to Abolish the ATF, we’ve done what no gun group has ever done in over 50 years of lobbying Capitol Hill. Imagine that — despite begging gun owners for hundreds of millions of dollars over the decades, no gun group EVER has worked to Abolish the ATF.

AFA has begun the process in a big way.

Now, you can’t talk about the ATF without hearing “ABOLISH IT!”

Fourth, House and Senate hearings and swift votes to repeal Biden’s 2022 Gun Control legislation. This will be an uphill climb because so many Republicans voted for it, but the fight must be had.

This isn’t a comprehensive list on what must be done, but these are top items on our list to protect gun owners.

I write all this because ATF Director Steve Dettelbach is becoming increasingly powerful over the last four years due to Biden’s Executive Orders and Congress giving him more power.

Yesterday’s hearing lasted nearly 3.5 hours. Most probably don’t have time to watch it all, so I’ve prepared some highlights from the hearing for you below!

Particularly triggering to the Commies in DC are the AR-15 lapel pins provided by AFA to Members of Congress and their staff who want to wear them.

As you can see below, Congressman Gaetz’s legal counsel, John Wilson, wears his lapel pin with pride at every hearing concerning the Second Amendment.

Staff for AFA and our state affiliates have worn these pins in state capitol buildings across the country for nearly fifteen years.

We’re always asked: “Where can I get one of those!”

If you would like to order one for yourself or ten for family and friends, we’ve provided a link below!


For America,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Vice President
American Firearms Association

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